At CES 2023 Acer unveiled new models in the Predator Helios range that boast behemoth screen sizes, with the new gaming laptops sitting at 16-inches and 18-inches respectively. The laptop comes equipped with a mini-LED display and a trove of new features and performance updates that are super impressive, but there are bigger things to discuss before we dive into that.

The 18-inch Helios 18 gaming laptop is huge. It doesn’t sound like a lot on paper (as someone who uses the metric system it didn’t mean a lot to me at first) but the 16:10 display is nothing to scoff at.

The bezels are super-thin so you can take full advantage of the big screen whether you’re gaming or watching films. It does make you wonder who exactly needs that much screen real estate. While the screen size is a plus if you’re looking to plonk the laptop down on your desk and use it as a desktop replacement, if you’re going to spend $2,500+ on a gaming laptop you might want to consider simply springing for a full desktop setup. The bigger the laptop, the harder it’ll be to carry around with you if you need to.

Acer Helios 18 gaming laptop from the back

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New specs as well

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